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Welcome to "The Way of the Dreamer with Robert Moss"

This exciting DVD library offers a powerful introduction to Active Dreaming, an original and dynamic dream work approach created by renowned teacher, author and shamanic counselor, Robert Moss. In this 8 program series on 3 DVDs, Robert, a wonderfully dynamic teacher and storyteller, presents the core techniques and fundamental premises of Active Dreaming. Each program features a unique aspect of his innovative approach, making this library a valuable resource for personal study and for use as a teaching tool in educational or informal settings.

We have packed the energy and content of an extended live workshop series into eight lively programs, over 4 hours of video. Here you will learn the core techniques of Active Dreaming. Program descriptions can be found below.

8 Program Library Set (DVD) $69.95 plus shipping and handling
CT Residents add 6% sales tax. Retail price: $79.95
ISBN 0-9744784-3-1

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** Programs one and two are still available on VHS, while supplies last.  Prices have been reduced to 14.95 each, or both for $24.95 plus shipping and handling.

#1 - Dreaming a Life with Robert Moss:

What does it mean to be a dreamer? Robert's long and distinguished career as a writer and his equally long and powerful dream life put him on the path he is creating for himself and all dreamers towards a "dreaming society." Robert introduces himself with his wonderful stories, profound insights and trickster humor as he shows us the magical everyday mystery of dreaming.
(running time: 28:26)

#2 - The Power of Active Dreaming:

Robert introduces us to Active Dreaming, his powerful, original synthesis of modern dreamwork and ancient shamanic practices. He answers many popular questions about dreaming and explains the magical art of dream travel. With inspiring stories of how dreams guided Harriet Tubman through her heroic journeys on the underground railroad, Robert illustrates the great potential that awaits us in our dreams and opens the gates for us into the Way of the Dreamer.
(running time: 31:45)

The following 6 programs are in-depth explorations of Active Dreaming tools and topics that, together with the above material, are part of the curriculum of the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming.

#3 - Lightning Dreamwork

The Lightning Dreamwork is a distillation of Robert's many years of practice into a deceptively simple process that can be used by anyone who dreams. In short, we grow better relationships and richer lives by sharing our dreams. The Lightning Dreamwork is a quick, fun and respectful way to share dreams, receive non-intrusive feedback and move towards creative action to honor our dreams, bringing their magic into the world. With the help of dreamers from his Northeast dream school, Robert shows us how to use Lightning Dreamwork for fun and profit in everyday situations.
(running time: 28:40)

#4 - Dream Re-entry and Tracking

Robert leads us deeper into the ancient practice of traveling back into the dream space to move beyond fear, clarify a message, dialogue with a dream guide and learn to navigate in multi dimensional reality. Robert and fellow dreamers demonstrate that whether we fly solo into our own dreams or go Tracking with our fellow dreamers, the dream world is a place of power and understanding where we can harvest healing energy, creative inspiration and practical guidance for our waking lives.
(running time: 33:16)

#5 - Dreaming the Future

We dream of encounters and events months, years or even decades before they manifest. If you follow the correspondences between dreams and later events, you will probably find you are constantly dreaming of places you will visit in the future. Robert shows us how to recognize and work with several kinds of dreams about the future - precognitive dreams (in which we see something that later happens), early warning dreams (which show us a possible future we may be able to re-script) and rehearsal dreams (in which the dreaming mind plays out alternative scenarios). He shows us that by acting on our dream information, we are able to make wiser choices in navigating the roads of life.
(running time: 32:58)

#6 - Dreaming with the Departed

Native Americans teach that "the path of the soul after death is the same as the path of the soul in dreams." Robert shows us that it is entirely natural to communicate with the departed in our dreams, and that these dreams give us first-hand knowledge of life beyond death. He helps us to understand when the departed are looking for help or closure from us, and how they can function as "family angels", bringing guidance and information that are not otherwise available We learn that dreaming is the best preparation for dying, and that through dreaming we can develop a personal geography of the afterlife.
(running time: 27:42)

#7 - Dreaming with Spiritual Guides

Robert reminds us that our authentic spiritual teachers come looking for us in dreams, which provide direct access to the God (or Goddess) we can talk to. He shows us how to connect with our animal guardians and how to contact master teachers in our chosen fields. He teaches us how dream guides wear many masks, and how conscious dreaming can open a path to transformation through the direct encounter with the Higher Self. He opens us to the exciting possibility that among our dream guides are our own older and wiser self and our own magical child, both reaching for us across linear time.
(running time: 31:15)

#8 - Dreams of Healing

From ancient times, the arts of healing have included the arts of dream incubation and dream journeying. Robert explains how dreams alert us to physical problems before they occur and how dreams can guide us through our worst experiences of illness towards healing. He shows how dreams give us healing imagery the body believes, and how Active Dreaming techniques can help to move the body in the direction of wellness and bring back vital soul energy that went missing through pain or grief or abandonment. Robert revives the ancient Iroquois understanding that dreams reveal "the secret wishes of the soul" - and that as we help each other move in closer harmony with the soul's purpose, as revealed in dreams, our lives are infused with healing and magic.
(running time: 35:28)

** Programs one and two are still available on VHS, while supplies last.  Prices have been reduced to 14.95 each, or both for $24.95 plus shipping and handling.

Program 1 (VHS):
VHS; ISBN 0-9744784-0-7 NOW AVAILABLE! - $14.95

Program 2 (VHS):
VHS; ISBN 0-9744784-1-5 NOW AVAILABLE! - $14.95

Special Web-Only Offer:
Programs 1 &2 (VHS) - $24.95

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