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Wings for the Journey: Shamanic Drumming for Dream Travelers

Recorded live in the beautiful New England woods and in a circle of dreamers at the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming in New Fairfield, CT. With Wings for the Journey, the magic of Robert's drumming will take you soaring across time and space and into other dimensions AND bring you safely home. These tracks will help you go back inside a dream and practice the art of dream travel, the most rewarding of all forms of travel.

In the special bonus track, Robert captures our imagination with the exciting tale of how the shaman got his drum.

Track 1: Robert Moss solo, exterior 18:56
Track 2: Robert Moss solo, interior 16:50
Track 3: Robert Moss and Small Group, interior 15:21
Bonus Track: How the Shaman Got His Drum, 3:07

It is important to remember that shamanic drumming used for the purpose of dreamjourneying may induce mild trance states and should not be played while operating your vehicle or during activities that require focused left-brain attention.

ISBN 0-9744784-2-3 CD $19.95

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